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Art Activity from You to Me

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Art Activity from You to Me

Activity for the year 2013 shows these three works of the 140 I have uploaded to

Fine Art America received the most written Comments: "On the Rocks", highest;

"March of the Dolls", 2nd, and "Lichterman Nature Center", third.

For Total Number of Visitors, the "Circus Wagon Wheel" took the lead with an

astounding 3611 views. (If I only had a dollar for each of those clicks!) This was

followed by "The Swim Lesson" with 159 visits and third place went to the

"Christmas Ride Poster" with 110 Visits. I can understand the Christmas Ride

Poster receiving so many, since the cast and crew alone would account for about

80 clicks and it was featured in an animated widget on another website, and in a

blog post and videos. The Swim Lesson was shared on nine Pinterest pages by others.

The Circus Wagon Wheel was also in the animated widget a while and is featured

in an art video on YouTube and Vimeo, so perhaps that brought

in extra clicks throughs. This sounds like a call for more of my paintings in videos!

Four of the six noted works included people in them, rather than landscapes or stilllifes,

so I think that is a vote of appreciation for my figurative works from the eighties.

Guess I will consider the three with the least amount of traffic as having been

voted off the island, and recycle them. (That's artist talk for painting over that

canvas-- a new start for the new year.) Time to reset the counters. Wishing you all

the best for the New Year, 2014.